We are Flow State Design

Flow Design is a an advertising agency and Design Boutique driven by the fire that fueled centuries of creatives before us.
A need to get lost in art, to become fully immersed in creative expression. So fully engulfed that it becomes our only focus.
Capturing stories, Evoking emotion. We live for the “Ahah” moment.

The state of flow is often sought after by some of this world’s greatest individuals.From adventure seekers who find it
amidst an adrenaline rush to Buddhist monks attaining focus from days upon days of meditation. The Flow state is
the most focused mindset we could possibly be in. And also the most productive.

Our Mission

What drives us forward and Gets us out of bed in the mornings? We have a clear vision of where we are going and inspire daily towards our goals.

Inspiring young Artists

With our eyes on quality rather than quantity we aim to become a one stop shop, teaching people we work
with diffirent skills to help push themselves forward! We are here to tell stories and make sure we tell them well! The future is the youth.

Being inspired by them

Creative talent doesn't lie in a college education, it lies in the individual. Growing young creatives, freely giving them access to experienced designers, advertisers and marketers grants them much more than a piece of paper ever could.


Our aim is to go against the stream, to empower individuals rather than fuel a very outdated
system. We are here to push new boundaries! To look at design, advertising and Marketing as a whole. Taking visual comunication to a whole new level.

Leads to Innovation

They say madness is when you repeat the same thing expecting a different result. That's why free thinking can no longer be sought after in a cubicle. It can be found in interaction, asking the right questions and looking for out of the box answers.


Born and bred in a culture rich country, allowing for complete creativity and exploring all forms of media. Straight from the city of Johannesburg in the rich landscapes of South Africa. We are truly blessed by beauty and would have it a shame to not share life through our eyes.

The heart of stories

A life of excitement and passion, stories of grandeur, tales that inspire! Life through a lens captures the otherwise hidden. From the native Khoisan to American Indian tradition. Stories are in our blood. The elixir of youth that makes memories and people live on eternally. Our mission is to capture as much as possible and share it with the world.


We always start building from the ground up! Making sure a good foundation is put down before we start expanding what you have. in this regard we offer full start-up packages to not only assure return business and a good relationship but to make sure what goes out into the world is in our books “Quality”.


Fair practice and equal value for both the creatives working on projects and that of our clients. We hold good sportsmanship in high regard. Competitive by nature, humble by heart. Striving for fair play where possible. Great work ethic can take us miles, focused on long term goals


Using a mentality of, if you grow we grow. We go above and beyond. Delivering more than what was bargained on. The end goal to push the boundaries and go beyond what we deemed possible of ourselves. Ambitious go-getters and entrepreneurs working hard for the same goal.

Our past clients

The below is an extended list of our most valued clients. Happy clients make for happy creatives.











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