Antigravity media

Antigravity Media Logo Design

Event coverage and video editing

Antigravity Media is a film and editing company with the focus on festivals and event, a logo to match. Establishing corporate identity with design principles in mind. The overall layout was based on two sets of grids, the main artwork follows the rule of thirds and the iconography the golden ration doubled. Both the main letters such as A and G form a landscape of mountains and a pyramid. This is the hidden meaning behind the company itself. With a focus on story telling and taking fables from Egyptian mythology. A well thought out design that communicates simplicity.

Simple single color usage with motion graphics in mind. The intricacy of the messaging extends itself more to the intricacy of the edit. The logo remains simple yet based on the companies specialized field. The image lends itself easily to intricate edits and adjustment.

Product Name: Logo Design Product Brand: Antigravity Media Product Description: Antigravity media is a johannesburg based media company that focuses on cover and editing event footage. This is a logo design to match their vision. Product Image: Product Price: 3000 Price Currency: ZAR Name Of The Seller: Flow Design SA


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