Cartrack Print Advertising

Cartrack South Africa Newspaper Advertising

Risky Newspaper Advertising for Cartrack SA

They say fortune favors the bold, and bold we were sending this Newspaper advertising push for Cartrack SA out into the public eye. The ad itself was risky. Using our keen sense for Tactical advertising we pushed it out into a hyped-up market. The very same newspaper published an article about the ad. Doubling exposure and making it that much more effective. Great communication doesn’t sit on the sidelines and to wait. Making brands heard and seen. An opportune moment to push! Knowing when the correct time to do so comes around. The very same ad got us an interview with radio channels which we gracefully declined. Making the impact and paid for reach much more than was expected. An awesome tactical advert. A brave client to allow it, awesome creatives that push it. All of it makes for a great piece of comunication.


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