CVRight Brand Bible

CVRight Brand Bible Design

Full brand establishment and corporate identity

CVRight is a company that custom makes resume’s for job seekers, with that we created a basic brand bible to assure consistency. Corporate identity is the backbone of any successful company. This sets your brand vision and guidelines. The do’s and donts of your company branding. It assures on-point, clean and crisp design material. These are applied to both digital as well as print and all other forms of marketing.

This gets sent with any future projects to designers and printing companies and sets your brand up with professionalism in mind. This formed part of a start-up brand package we offer. Effectively getting driven individuals out to the public.

Product Name: Brand Bible Design Product Brand: CVRight Product Description: CVRight, a company that customizes resume's for job seekers. We created a basic brand bible. The backbone of any successful company. Product Image: Product Price: 6500 Price Currency: ZAR Name Of The Seller: Flow Design SA


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