Flying Fish Print Advertising

FLying Fish South Africa Print Advertising Campaign

Humerous Print Advertising Concept For Flying Fish South Africa

Sometimes pushing the imagination gets some amazing results, as with our Print Advertising Concept for Flying Fish South Africa. Taking everyday advertising to a new level. Classic ways of marketing and communication, outdated. We break the mold, bearing in mind any form of communication has a 7-second gap to grab attention. Bearing that in mind, this concept goes a bit deeper. Realizing people often times see a plain advert and subconsciously read scan over the ad and stores it in a database of useless information. With this concept, we go on the same principle. Purposefully creating mundane ads and adding useful yet irrelevant facts to the Headlines. The idea being the mundane ads get scanned over and the copy that doesn’t quite add up makes you read twice. The payoff line takes away the need for any form of messaging, stating that none of it matters, all that matters is great tasting beer. Done by creatives at flow design while employed at other companies. A list of these companies viewable in our T’s & C’s. Who gives a Flying Fish?


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