Hoosen Wadiwala Logo Design

Hoosen Wadiwala Attorneys Logo Design

Professional And Elegant corporate identity. Hoosen Wadiwala Attorneys Logo Design and Brand Establishment

A brand new look and feel, Hoosen Wadiwala Attorneys Logo Design, breaking free from the previous work. Decluttering the brand and turning the identity into something much more professional. Our eye on immediate communication. With the redesign, we were also commissioned to do a Business Card Design and a Brand Bible Design and a complete refresh. Turning a well-known company into a much more professional establishment.

Our main focus lies in professionally pushing companies forward. Allowing brands to come across much more professionally than they previously did. With our eyes on simplicity and clean design. Allowing any and all future marketing to go ahead flawlessly.

The logo makes use of a simple split color pallet both complimenting each other beautifully. Establishing the brand as timelessly as possible. The simple design used assured the logo is easily visible in both black and white. Across all forms of media and marketing material.

Product Name: Logo Design Product Brand: Hoosen Wadiwala Attorneys Product Description: A brand new look and feel, Hoosen Wadiwala Johannesburg, South Africa Attorneys Logo Design. Decluttering the brand. flow design sa. Product Image: https://flowdesign.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Hoosen-Wadiwala-Corporate-Identity-Logo-Design.png Product Price: 3000 Price Currency: ZAR Name Of The Seller: Flow Design SA


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