Island House Logo Design

Island House Engineering Group Logo Design and Brand Establishment

Island House Engineering Company Logo Design

Logo design for Island House Engineering Group

A sleek and creative Logo Design for Island House Engineering Group. With a good amount of experience in brand building and a need to beautify the way, corporate branding is seen. A simple yet intricate design. Leaving room to play with the majority of the elements. Flat vectors that imply three dimensional design. The logo goes across to the majority of different media types effortlessly. In both Landscape as well as portrait. Be it black or white. All aspect were taken into account in the initial design phase. Great visual communication assures professionalism no matter the situation. And with that in mind the work we do assures any and all company comes across as clean and sleek as possible. Great design gives off the illusion of intricacy yet still holds true to simplicity. Generally simple design is considered the most difficult design and also the most rewarding.


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