i-view logo design

iview drone specialists logo design and brand establishment

Professional logo design and corporate identity for iview drone specialists

Great brands need the professional corporate identity, like this logo design for i view drone specialists. Establishing great corporate identity. Any start-up company needs well thought out brand establishment. With a considerable amount of attention paid to color use and over-all logo design. A sleek and new-age yet playful feel. Simple two tone color use. light blue to show off technology and dark grey to accentuate and add tho the primary brand color. The logo formed part of a website. Great focus placed on clean design. The icon as well as text immediately recognizable without each other. Assuring brand identity is kept no matter the situation. Thoughtful design makes sure all elements go across on all types of media. Either using single color tones or black on white and vica versa. A clean and new age simplistic design that assures longivety.

Product Name: Logo Design Product Brand: i-view drone specialists Product Description: Great brands need the professional corporate identity. Logo design for iview drone specialists South Africa. Product Image: https://flowdesign.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/iview-Corporate-Identity-Logo-Design.png Product Price: 3000 Price Currency: ZAR Name Of The Seller: Flow Design SA


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