Ouma Rusk Print Advertising

Ouma Rusks South Africa Print Advertising Pendoring Award

Print advertising campaign for ouma Rusks SA that got us a silver Pendoring award

Creative execution with a great concept, a print advert for Ouma Rusks SA that got us a silver Pendoring Award. The beauty in┬átarget specific print is the ability to connect in a cultural way. Speaking in a language your consumer connects with. The art of humor doubles your message, assuring the connection most brands desire. Open up a magnitude of possibilities. Evoking some emotion is the underlying art of advertising. The ability to jerk a tear or curve a mouth into a smile. Happy hearts make for happy clients. The idea directed at an Afrikaans market. Dipping an “Ouma”. Ouma being a grandmother. A connection between brand and concept comes in when we realize a human truth. That everyone has a preferred way of dipping their rusks.


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