OWLBTC(Pty)Ltd. Logo design

OWLBTC Logo Design

Logo Design as part of the Start-Up Package we offer

As part of our Start-up package OWLBTC Logo Design for everything that encompasses good brand establishment. Aside from Logo Design, The package included Business cards, a Brand Bible, e-mail signatures, Social media re-branding and set-up. as well as a basic Website Design and on-page SEO. All things a company needs to get off the ground looking as professional as possible. The logo itself uses a two color pallet. An icon that stands on its own and text that is immediately recognizable. The logo designed for all media types and promotional material in mind. Easily goes to black and white. Simple and clean. A finance company with visual communication to match. Trustworthy and strong, the images immediately communicates what the brand encompasses. Crypto currency suppliers of Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin, and Altcoin.

Product Name: Logo Design Product Brand: OWLBTC (Pty) Ltd. Product Description: Corporate identity and brand establishment. A logo design for a Johannesburg based bitcoin focused finance company. Product Image: https://flowdesign.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/OWLBTCPtyLtd.-Start-up-Package-Logo-Design.png Product Price: 3000 Price Currency: ZAR Name Of The Seller: Flow Design SA


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