Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon Logo Design

Massage Therapist Corporate Identity Sun & Moon Logo Design.

Brand Establishment and Massage Therapist Corporate Identity, Sun & Moon Logo Design. With our eyes on establishing great visual communication. The design is somewhat intricate yet simple enough. With great focus on readability and connection. A logo that will live on way past its expiry date. The principal in design being longevity. If we put as much work in as we possibly can in the initial phase. Tweaked but beyond that no other adjustments. A logo that establishes the brand professionally. Leaving no room for “cheap” visual communication. The design assured the logo goes across to all media platforms with ease. A simple and clean design that easily reads on most colors.

With major thought put into letterheads etc. Designed to easily be white on black or black on white, whatever the case might be. The Design was also used on Business Cards. As you can see in both the brand establishment as well as promotional material. The brand identity immediately comes across. Color use and design principles fall into place flawlessly.

Product Name: Logo Design Product Brand: Sun & Moon Massage Therapist Product Description: Corporate Identity with focus on Logo Design for Sun & Moon massage Therapist South Africa. Product Image: Product Price: 3000 Price Currency: ZAR Name Of The Seller: Flow Design SA


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