Getting Creative,
lost in Design .

Creativity is a feeling, a deep-felt emotion that
sparks action.
We are those sparks. Creative Maverics, our vision set on one thing. Changing the world.

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Flow Design SA.

Flow Design SA is a Creative Design Agency & Advertising company in Johannesburg, South Africa Specializing in Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding, digital marketing and Illustration. Creating space for expression, growing artists, and allowing great talent to flourish.

Let movement

Be your voice

Creativity is a feeling, an intuition that drives ability. What makes us unique is our ability to get lost in what drives us, our passions. Always learning, always applying new techniques. We aim to innovate the industry as a whole and explore brand new territory.

Welcome to the Flow!
The most Creative, most focused state of mind to be in.

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Initial Introduction

Our initial phase is research and solution based. Understanding the end-goal, and finding the best way to portray your vision.


Birthing Phase

Once we've established an over-all concept, we set our sights on finding what channels your consumers frequent, and create a strategy accordingly.


Parenting Phase

Here's where the magic happens. Our ideas are like our children that we nurture, grow and give guidance. Here, the final work finds form.



We reap the rewards of a well planned campaign. We crack out the champaign before we start the process all over again.

Your selection of

Creative profesionals

We are inspired, by the inspired.
for this reason we have a rigorous process to select only the best creatives in our industry. We do so by having an already trusted pool of industry profesionals, that either do the work or oversee those who do.

Our responsibility is guidance and growth.

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Digital Design

Our digital endeavours are our online playground, where art rules supreme! Through visual and auditory stimuli, we speak in a voice like no other.


An image can say millions of words, we like taking a milion images. With a keen eye for detail. We aplty capture the perfect glimpse in time.

Brand Establishment

We understand the importance of first impressions. More than just "the handshake", we are immersed in the brand journey.

Creative Campaigns

We are driven by the concept that we are each highly proficient in our passions, and can collaborate, bringing multiple perspectives into one sigle creative voice.

Videography & Animation

Whilst we love the art behind still imagery, we equally share a sweet spot for movement. Capturing variable frames that make up one final storyline.
Set on envoking emotion.

Visual Art

We believe creative expression aids to human evolution. A collective voice that communicates through storytelling and innovative thinking. We are art by design.
And through art we create change.

Well Versed in

Brand communication

Our Creatives have invested many hours in both well established, as well as startup brands. For this reason, we don't discriminate, we view all brands as equal. Seperate entities with a similar end-goal. To expand, grow and make their voice heard.

Our Team of

Inspired Mavericks

Team Member Sean Viljoen

Sean Viljoen

Designer/Art Director
Team Member Shaun Mallett

Shaun Mallett

Photographer/Creative Director

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